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Corporate Bootcamp

EVOKE is pleased to offer this custom service to businesses in Northern Nevada who make their employee's health and well-being a top priority. Corporate Camps are designed to encourage employees from all areas of your company to get to know each other outside of the work setting by participating side-by-side in a serious of workouts. The resulting benefits are increases in team spirit, camaraderie and pride in your company. Whether your employees are serious athletes or just looking for something new to try, Corporate Camps are designed to promote an interest in wellness and healthy lifestyles.

EVOKE trainers will develop a custom camp specific to the size of your company as well as the duration and type of activity that would best fit your group. Typical camps are 30 days and include an award ceremony. The workouts are designed to have participants encourage each other while building bonds through fun competitions in a team setting.

Studies have shown that healthy habits increase productivity, reduce sick leave and stress, and improve overall personal satisfaction, all of which are beneficial to your employees as well as your business.

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