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Mena's Minute

Newsletter for Bill Pearce Motors

So the resolutions are written and the plans are set in motion. You are eating clean and exercising regularly, you feel great the first 30 days. Suddenly out of no where, life interferes. Between work, meetings, running kids to and fro, your sick husband, book club you start missing workouts. Indulging a bit at the lunch meeting or because you didn't prep your food you grab a pizza on he way home. No time to cook dinner! This is so typical of the average home, but yet not the best scenario. Here are a few tips to keep your resolutions this year and to be successful! Keep your momentum going despite what life may throw at you!

1. Prep your food!
This means, plan your menus, shop and cook it up. Sat is a great shop day and Sun is a great prep day. Get the kids involved. Chop, dice, season and cook it up. Then you can store it all individually, or in to go container. Grab your lunch and snacks for work every morning and you will be ready to hit the day without caving to what is in the vending machine. Getting home late after a kids sporting event is not the end all because dinner just needs to be heated up and eaten!

2. Put your workouts in your calender.
Just like all other important events, meeting, sports practices and so on. Your workouts should be just as important. Schedule it in. Dont miss it and if you do, make it up that day or the next. Never allow yourself to go more than 2 days without a workout. Even a walk around the neighborhood with the family or a 30 min DVD is effective! Do something active!

3. Drink plenty of water!
You will stay hydrated, and keep your body working the way it should! If you don't like plain water try green tea, hot or cold with lemon/limes and a little stevia. Its tasty, hydrating and a metabolism booster!

We don't get enough sleep! 7 hours will do the trick! It is just as important to rest your body and your mind. You will awake ready to tackle your day, and wont want to start off on the wrong foot!

5. Engage the family!
I often hear, "I need to have cookies, crackers, sugar, soda in the house. My kids would die without it." No your kids are getting unhealthy, with it. They don't need it. Talk to your family about the importance of eating healthy and staying active. Enlist their help in making the family unit a healthy one! Kids want to be involved! Family game of football in the yard is great activity. Family meal planning and cooking helps kids take pride in what they cook and they are more willing to try something new!

Yes new habits are hard to form. Old habits hard to break. But the amazing benefits of keeping the momentum and getting healthy are worth every sacrifice, every effort! So get out there and do it!

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